TMC UV Clarifiers

TMC Pro Pond 110 Watt UV

TMC Pro Pond 110 Watt UV
Item #:   31020

The TMC Proclear units are designed to be positioned either on its base on a flat surface, or attached horizontally to a vertical surface using the brackets provided, and is supplied with dual inlet/outlet fittings allowing the unit to be fitted in the most convenient position available.

Suitable for ponds up to 16,000 imp gallons/72,000 litres (dependent on stocking density and the amount of sunlight the pond is subject to) with a max flow rate of 8000 imp gallons/ 36,000 litres per hour.

The TMC Pro Pond UV110 has universal 2" and 63mm solvent weld inlet and outlet ports. the unit can be connected to either flexible or rigid plumbing using the appropriate plumbing fittings (not supplied).

To ensure unrestricted flow, it is recommended that the unit is not plumbed in with anything less than 11/2” pipework

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