Solvent Weld Fittings

82mm - 3

82mm - 3
Item #:   PISOFI41
Item #:   PISOFI39
Item #:   PISOFI38
Item #:   PISOFI42

Manufactured from MuPVc, a strong, durable and shatter proof material, the Black Solvent Weld system has glueable sockets and pushfit connections, these rubber seals can be removed and the fitting glued on to the pipe.

In the case of the some of the solvent 3 inch fittings, they have one female end and one male end, and so to make a female to female socket a straight socket is needed. this applies for;

- 3 inch 45 Degree bend

- 3 inch 90 Degree Bend

- 3 inch Tee (two female ends, only one socket needed

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Black Solvent Weld Tee

£1.50 - £19.95