Pressure Pipe

Pressure Pipe

Pressure Pipe
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The choice of which type of pipework to use has always been a dilemma. As you all know, the use of anything other than pressure pipe and fittings for both gravity and pressure lines and the added security and peace of mind that they bring, is only a cost saving exercise. Unfortunately, the use of pressure pipe and fittings in the past has simply been too expensive for the majority of koi keepers, despite it being the preferred choice.

One of our objectives at Ings Lane over the last 12 months has been to create a complete pressure range, at prices that we can all afford... we have done it! and we have cut no corners. Please take time to compare our prices and understand what this means. Everybody can now afford to use the highest specification materials available.

Note: We are unable to ship 3m lengths of pipe, if you order a 3m length you will be sent 2 x 1.5m lengths, please ensure you order a socket if needed, 3m lengths can be collected from the store.

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