Pond Treatments

Pond Treatments

It is very important that you purchase the right fish pond water treatment for the right purposes. in this section you will find treatments for a range of ailments and issues.

For Blanketweed and other Algae treatments please click here

At Ings Lane Garden & Water Garden Centre Ltd we recommend only using treatment after thorough research and/or by the suggestion of a professional. We also strongly recommend to use the correct dosage in the correct schedule instructed.


After any pond wide treatment, water quality monitoring is essential. Re-boosting the filter and pond with nitrifying bacteria is very beneficial. Stopping Feeding while medicating will at least reduce some of the pollutants that the "strained" filter system has to deal with. Let the results from your water testing be your guide to resuming normal feeding levels.

It is critical when adding any medication that the volume of your pond to be treated is known. DO NOT GUESS if you don't know find out, as adding too much chemical can be fatal conversely, too little can be ineffective. Accurate measuring of dosage rates again is just as important.

Always pre-mix the measured quantity into a large bucket of pond water and slowly add into the pond over as the time suggested with the treatment.

Adding an extra supply of oxygen to your pong while treating is essential, as many treatments will deplete oxygen levels. It is also strongly advised not to start treatments at night as oxygen levels are already low.

One more thing always test your water before adding any chemicals and if you suspect parasites then those parasites have to be identified using a good quality microscope.