Pond One Air Pumps

Pond One Air Pumps Kits

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Pond One Air Pumps Kits
Item #:   AEAIPO20
UPC:   325136054316
Manufactures Part Number:   93065
Item #:   AEAIPO21

The O2 Plus air pumps from Pond One are specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to the perils the UK weather can throw at them. Fitted with 10m cable, installation is made simple in comparison to other models around.

Each Model comes with

  • 2 x Spring Clamps
  • 1 x Rubber Elbow
  • 1 x Air Splitter (10 way)
  • 1 x Replacement Air Filter
Model Output (L/hr) Power Maximum Pressure Outlets
4000 2100 20 W 0.024 MPa 10
8000 4200 47 W 0.038 MPa 10