Parasite Treatment

Ings Lane Anti-Parasite

Ings Lane Anti-Parasite

Ings Lane Anti-Parasite treatment will cure most common parasites found in ponds. Parasite infected fish can be a real problem for fish keepers, as for many parasites the symptoms associated for one particular one, cross other with many others. In order to get a accurate diagnoses, taking a slide of slime off a fish and studying it under a microscope is the only proven way. Knowing the cause makes treating much easier. parasites not only cause fish to loss their appetite, colour and health, they can also make the fish more susceptible to more problems. This is where Ings lane Anti-parasite treatment comes in. It is effective treating the following.

- White spot

- cloudy eye

- raised scales

- flukes (may need stronger treatment)

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Ings Lane Anti-Parasite 250ml
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Ings Lane Anti-Parasite 500ml
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Ings Lane Anti-Parasite 1L
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