Green Water Treatment

No More Greenwater

No More Greenwater
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No More Greenwater is a combination of enzymes, minerals and active ingredients that eridcate green water. This Treatment is designed to also cause very little 'cloudiness'. Any cloudiness caused by this treatment will dissipate after a couple of days and is totally harmless to plants, fish and other aquatic organisms.

1KG will treat 2500 gallons (11250 litres)

Big pond or stocking up? either way we have you covered! we now offer two multibuy options and a combination offer;

- 2 X No More Green Water for £30 (worth £33.98)

- 4 X No More Green Water for £50 (worth £67.96)

- 1 X No More Green Water + 1 X No More Pond Sludge for £30 (worth £33.98)

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