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G4 Pond Sealer Black

G4 Pond Sealer Black

This is an effective sealer for concrete ponds. G4 is a moisture cured, one component polyureethane product which forms a non-porous, tough, durable but flexible seal on concrete. This prevents lime leaching into your pond from the concrete and stops water leaking out. You just paint it straight onto the concrete, no primer needed.

G4 can also be used to coat flagstones, waterfalls, statues and other concrete products to make them safe for the pond.

For a black finish you need two coats of clear and two coats of black. Thats 440g per square metre of clear and 400g per square metre of colour.

Item   Description Price Order
29008 G4 Pond Sealer Black 1kg £ 28.99 Add to Cart
29009 G4 Pond Sealer Black 2.5kg £ 61.99 Add to Cart
29010 G4 Pond Sealer Black 5kg £ 110.99 Add to Cart
29011 G4 Pond Sealer Black 25kg £ 349.99 Add to Cart

G4 Pond Sealer Clear

G4 Pond Sealer Clear

G4 Pond Sealer is a deep bonding plastic coating for all cement rendered ponds.

G4 provides a tough, durable but flexible coating and being moisture hardened it can be applied to slightly damp substrates, although the cement render must be dry enough to be porous.

G4 Pond Sealer is available in G4 clear translucent finish or in Black.

  • Deep bonding plastic coating
  • Seals out lime
  • Consumption varies depending upon porosity
  • G4 Clear requires 3 coats
Item   Description Price Order
29003 G4 Pond Sealer Clear 500g £ 11.99 Add to Cart
29004 G4 Pond Sealer Clear 1kg £ 21.99 Add to Cart
29005 G4 Pond Sealer Clear 2.5kg £ 43.99 Add to Cart
29006 G4 Pond Sealer Clear 5kg £ 69.99 Add to Cart
29007 G4 Pond Sealer Clear 25kg £ 249.99 Add to Cart
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