Fungal Treatments

Ings Lane Anti-Fungus

Ings Lane Anti-Fungus

Fungal growth on fish can look very daunting to treat. Not only can the fungus grow on any part of the body, it can be different colours ranging from a white to a grey or even a yellow/green (algae stuck within the fungus). Fungus, similar to parasite infections, can lead to other problems for the fish making it important to treat as soon as diagnosed. Ings Lane Anti-Fungus will treat the following.

- Mouth Fungus

- Cotton Wool Fungus

- Fin Fungus

Item #
Ings Lane Anti-Fungus 250ml
£ 8.99
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Ings Lane Anti-Fungus 500ml
£ 12.99
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Ings Lane Anti-Fungus 1l
£ 18.99
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