Foams and Matting

Foam Cubes

Foam CubesThese Foam Cubes are designed to fit over a pump cage to act as a pre-filter and will also extend the maintenance peroid
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Foam Cube Pre Filter 6-in.
£ 6.99
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Foam Cube Pre Filter 8-in.
£ 9.99
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Evolution Aqua Outlet Foam

Evolution Aqua Outlet Foam

The Nexus Foam outlet filters was used on the original Nexus and are still available for those of you who still require them.
Japanese Matting

Japanese Matting

Japanese Filter Mat Probably one of the best of all the filtration media which is available today. Extremely inert - and easy to service. It is available in sheet form and can be cut to the desired sizes to fit your filter chamber by using an ordinary Circular Saw The best biological medium ...
Filter Matting

Filter Matting

Our Filter Floss is a high-grade, fully synthetic filter medium for use in all internal & external pond and aquarium filtersDue to its structure the filter floss reliably holds back coarse as well as fine dirt particles. Availble in a number of sizes Ideal for Aquarium and Pond filtration
Foam Sponges

Foam Sponges

High quality sheet reticulated foam can be cut to size giving a large economical filter surface. Sponge set comprises 1 x coarse, 1 x medium and 1 x fine.