Filter and Watercourse Pumps

Pontec Pondomax

Pontec Pondomax

The Pontec Pondomax Eco Waterfall and Filter pumps are an energy efficient pump capable of handling solid particles of up to 4mm (1500 / 2500) and 8mm (5000 - 17000).

These pumps are supplied with a stepped hosetail which will allow various hose sizes up to 38mm (1½") diameter and 10m of mains cable. To protect against overheating (due to dry running) these pumps also feature a thermal overload cut-out.

The Pontec Pondomax Eco Waterfall and Filter pumps are supplied with a 3 year warranty.

Item #
Pondomax 1500
£ 49.99
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Pondomax 2500
£ 59.99
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Pondomax 5000
£ 99.99
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Pondomax 8000
£ 113.99
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Pondomax 11000
£ 129.99
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Pondomax 14000
£ 139.99
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Pondomax 17000
£ 159.99
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