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Oase Aquamax Eco Twin

Oase Aquamax Eco Twin

The Oase Aquamax Twin Pond Pump

The Oase Aquamax Twin Pump is the direct replacement for the Oase Promax Pond Pump for which its high performance and reliability was well know throughout the years it reigned.

The new high performance Oase Aquamax Twin pumps are designed for filter systems, watercourses, waterfalls and in gereral moving large quantites of water at very economical costs. The Oase Aquamax Twin have two seperate motors that can be individually switched on or off, or dimmed via wireless remote control. Digital display of the respective power level.

Product Characteristics at a Glance:

-Powerful filter pump with 2 motors, individually adjustable by remote control.

-Reduced power consumption and effective control of the flow rate.

-Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to large wrap-around Strainer.

-Patented damper mechanism guarantees optimal flow rate.

-Solids handling of particles up to 11mm in size.

-In addition to pond floor filtration, simultaneous connection of a Satellite filter or Skimmer is also possible.

-Unique, patented frost protection: The Oase Aquamax Eco Twin will not be damaged to temperatures as low as -20c, guaranteed.

-Environmental Function Control...(EFC by Oase) protects against dry-run and blocking.

Suitable for use in Swim Ponds and Bathing Ponds when inserted in an exterior pump chamber.

-Suitable for continual use.

-Controller with LED display.

-Intelligent outlet: The patented outlet manifold guarantees optimal output even when only one motor is used.

-Flexible regulation of the two motors:The different water intake functions can be switched and regulated individually, the following combinations are possible:
1, Pond floor filtration and Satellite Strainer.
2, Pond floor filtration and Aquaskim 40.

-Recommendation: Depending on the debris input in the pond, you can decide from which point the water should be delivered into the filter. You can dim or switch off the pond floor filtration by remote control, and concentrate only on the surface or pond edge. Thus, you can use the pump totally effectively.

Oase Aquamax Eco TwinMax Flow (gph)Wattage (watts)Max Head (m)
Oase Aquamax Eco Twin 20000 20000 198 4.5
Oase Aquamax Eco Twin 30000 27000 320 5.2

Item #
Oase Aquamax Eco Twin 20000
£ 749.99
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Oase Aquamax Eco Twin 30000
£ 849.99
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