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Aqua Source Balance

Aqua Source Balance
Item #:   TRFIAQ02
UPC:   634158625398
Manufactures Part Number:   ABB500
Item #:   TRFIAQ03
Item #:   TRFIAQ01

Aqua Balance Balls ar designed to reduce harmful ammonia and nitrite levels by means of increasing biological filtration. Each ball is packed with millions of beneficial bacteria, which will help smooth out ammonia and nitrite spikes and keep our pond clean and healthy. the balls will slowly biodegrade as the bacteria is needed. Enzymes in the balls will help reduce organics in your pond, resulting in clear water.

Available in:

- Balance Balls 500ml - Treats 15,000 Ltrs/3,200 gals

- Balance Balls 1 Liter - Treats 30,000 Ltrs/6,400 gals

And Balance Sphere for emergancy situations.

- Balance Sphere - Treats 30,000 Ltrs/6,400 gals

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