Black Ribbed Hose

Black Ribbed Delux Hose

Black Ribbed Delux Hose
Item #:   HOHOHO16
Item #:   HOHOHO20
Item #:   HOHOHO14
Item #:   HOHOHO12
Item #:   HOHOHO10
Item #:   HOHOHO18
Item #:   HOHOHO15
Item #:   HOHOHO19
Item #:   HOHOHO13
Item #:   HOHOHO11
Item #:   HOHOHO09
Item #:   HOHOHO17

This Flexible Hose is the very best that you can buy it is extremely strong and yet retains it's flexibility, with smooth interior which eliminates the drag on the flow of water through it.

Also this hose can be, if you wish, actually be 'Solvent Welded' to your own PVC fittings, clearly hose as good as this costs a little more but it is well worth the extra cost involved.

We can supply any of the Hose sizes, listed below, in 30 meter rolls or by the meter.

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